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Decimal places and inch equivalents


New member
I'm new to proE, just started this job a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, my drawing dimension places are set at two decimal places in the dimension properties box, but my dimensions are not showing up with two decimal places. I asked everyone in my office, but they can't understand why it is doing this. I also need to know how I can set this up as a general property for all my dimensions.

On another subject, I need to know how to get an inch equivalent to show up under my metric dimensions. I do draw in metric.


New member
There is setting in drawing.dtl file

set "lead_trail_zeros" to "both"

for second one

set dual_dimensioning to yes

dual_seondary_units to inch


Once you have the drawing options set for one drawing, be sure to save the file and make it your default (set DRAWING_SETUP_FILE in your config.pro). Otherwise, you will have to set everything each time you make a new drawing.


New member
Thanks, very helpful.

I have another question about line weight, how do you change your general line weight off so thatwhen printed out of a normal laser jet the paper is not so cluttered?


New member
Tools, Options

Showing: select Current Session

Show only options loaded from file - uncheck

find: pen1_line_weight, pen2_line_weight.... ....pen8_line_weight

in Option: set Value 1 for each pen

Add/Change, Apply, Close


I dislike using the config.pro options pen#_line_weight because they are too thick (1 to 16 - I assume 1/16 inch).

I prefer using a table.pnt file (the config option to go with this is pen_table_file - requires full path & filename).

The format for the file is:-

pen # pattern values units; thickness value units; color values; <color_name>;

Below is a sample table.pnt file

!Exclamation points denote comment lines in the file
!Change yellow entities to plot w/ pen 1
pen 1 thickness 0.1 cm; letter_color
!Change hidden lines to plot w/ pen 2
pen 2 pattern 0.1, 0.1 in; thickness 0.1 cm; half_tone_color
!change geometry lines to pen 3
pen 3 drawing_color
!Green sheetmetal lines to pen 5
pen 5 thickness 0.1 in; attention_color

The primary pens used are 1 (most details), 2 (centrelines, dimensions) & 3 (hidden details).