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Debugger/Verbose mode for Pro?


New member
All - is there a way to set Pro in the PC world to write back to a console screen such as in Unix? As in my previous post, we have a model thats crashing and it would be helpful to see from a console level what Pro is doing... Does anyone know of any way to set this?? At least get more info from Pro as to why it blows back to the desktop??



New member
As there is no console in Windows ProE writes to the file std.out in
your startup directory. Messages are often useless like "raised signal
11" aka crashed, which usually gets written to file std.err.


New member
Ok, thats what I suspected. We have someone here who isan old Unix guy (I'm mainly a PC guy) and he thought there was a way to do that with a PC.

Thanks for the input!