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Datum Tag on an Axis

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Ok, I have a part that has an axis that is to be used as a datum reference, and I have been working on the drawing. In a view looking down on this axis (essentially looking at the cross-hairs) the Datum tag appears to anchored right on the axis cross-hairs and cannot be moved from that location. When looking at a side view of the axis, the tag can be moved right, left, up, down, what ever the orientation allows, as long as it is a side view.

I have since completed a work around on the drawing to get the desired scheme, but I was wondering if there is a way to move the tag from the cross-hairs, or is this intended functionality?

Thanks in advance.
Okay, if you created the datum axis on a PART you can move its tag in the drawing format:

highlight the datum tag, right click, Properties, then select, under the placement window, On Geometry. After that, select the edge of the feature pertaining to the axis and that should allow you to move the tag. This does not seem to work if it's an ASSEMBLY datum axis. Hope this helps. These steps were also done in Wildfire, but the same can be done in any other version, I'm just not exactly sure what the menu options are.
The default datum tag placement on an axis is also controled by the option tolerance_standard. It can be set to ANSI or ISO.
Your axis tags should not show up on a drawing unless you have axis turned on, or you have designated the axis as a datum. Choose the datum axis display icon and turn it off, repaint, your tag should disappear. The axis you want shown on the drawing might disappear also. Choose Show>Axis to display the axis in the views you want it to appear.

Erase the datum from views where the datum tag cannot be moved. It is probably better to use a datum instead of an axis as your datum and display the datum in a dimension.
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