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Datum points in cross section views

Yes as long as the cs isn't total.

You'll probably not be satisfied though so suggest putting a draft point on the datum-point and blank them.
could you elaborate on the process a little bit more? How do you get them to show up in a cross section? Thanks
For some reason the will not show up on the cross sections. They will however, show up in the regular views. thanks anyway.
If your points are in front of your section plane then they will not show up...

Likewise if you z-clip points, points won't show up behind your z-clip plane.
The datum points were set up directly on the cross section datum planes. I don't believe that I created z-clip points or planes.
Datum-curves don't show up on area cs either.

To overcome this I use total cs and z-clip to the cs plane.

Total cs are by far the most reliable and dependable..


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