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Datum Planes with Tags as GTOL Datums

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New member

I'm stumped. How do I get rid of the datum tags displayed in the attached image?

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display_plane_tags set to no only seems to work when the

datum plane has not been set as a GTOL datum - is this intended functionality?


Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.
Thanks for the reply roshan.

I forgot to state something...I want to show all the datum

planes...just without the tags.
The procedure i follow is to create more datum planes through the GTOL datums . Then you can put the GTOL datums under layers and blank them.It definitely is more tasking to create many datum planes.

If you need those datum planes only for modeling purpose you can create a simplified rep.
You should create one set of datums for modeling and another for GTOL's, because once you turn a datum into a GTOL it loses that whole yellow side / red side, active side / passive side distinction.

I've come across this before, Brad, and unfortunately IIRC you cannot display set datums without their tags.

(In drawing mode, you can create a layer and pick the text of the datum to associate to the layer and blank that, in order to see the datum but not the tag.)
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