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datum curve display


Hello all;

I have a datum curve thru a pipe that I want to display as a centerline in the drawing. Right now I can only get it to display as a hidden line. (view display is set to hidden line) I have tried to modify the line style to no avail. What can I do to make this display as a centerline? Thanks

Modify-Line Style is only good for sketched datum curves.

On any other datum-curve (from cross-section, intersection between surfaces, projected etc) Pro/E will reset the line weight back to default at the next regen...
This is a datum curve created to sweep the pipe profile. It sure would be nice to use it as a centerline on the drawing without it displaying as a hidden line.
Do a use edge in the drawing and pick the curve edges. When you blank the curve...or put it on a can then change the line style of the used edges. You can find the use edge command under drawing, tools, use edge. I would not recommend erasing the edges when causes some strange things once in a while. What kina sucks is if the curve or edge changes the used edges are not updated...since they are 2D entities they are dead.

Brian D.


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