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dear friends In datum curve by equation. what is meant by cartesion,cylindrical,spherical. then what is the diffrence between them. from satish kumar sharjah united arab emirates. (E-mail ID: [email protected])
Cartesian is the orthogonal x,y,z planes just like the default datum planes.

Cylindrical has r, theta, and z and takes the shape of a cylinder. r is the radius, theta is the angle from zero (x-direction), and z is the height.

Spherical has rho, theta, and phi and takes the shape of a sphere. rho is like the radius, theta is the same angle used in cylindrical coordinates, and phi is the angle between the positive z-axis and the line segment between the origin and the point of interest.

If you need illustrations, get a calculus, geometry, or physics book.
One good example you get if you choose each option

- you will get the echibalent ecuation for one circle, in each option


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