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Damned Mouse Buttons!


New member
Hi evrybody,

great way to post a first isn't it? moaning bout something

but seriously, does anyone know if we can use the traditional method of the mouse buttons ie left mouse btn+ctrl for zoom, ctr mouse btn+ctrl for spin & right mouse btn+ctrl for pan in the WildFire version.

i've been putting off using WildFire for as long as possible and now when push comes to shove, i've no choice so WildFire it is....but while most of the icon stuff are ok, the change in mouse button functions is really killing me!!! trivial to most here i know, but believe me, i'm suffering

anyways, just thought if some genius on here would know how to configure the damned thing so i can use the old way of mouse buttons in WildFire.


yoda am weak in the force now!


if anyone does know :) please include support for programing 5 button mouses :)

ie the 2 side buttons :) be cool use these for keymaps


New member
yeah them 5 button mouse thingies too!! and yes i know bout spaceballs & all that...but i'd rather stick to the conventional mouse...hasn't failed me yet! so please....somebody....


New member
Sorry master yoda, but as far as I know, there isn't a way to change it - believe me I suffered too. I cursed the idea of upgrading to Wildfire for that one reason, but you do eventually get used to the new way. If you have a mouse with the center button wheel, it's actually nice because you don't have to reach for the keyboard. Just roll the wheel to zoom in and out, and hold the wheel down to rotate. I can work all day without panning, but if you gotta have it, it's not a big deal to hold shift+middle button instead of ctrl+right button.


New member
If you have a 5 button mouse you can set one of the side buttons to Autoscroll. It will serve as a middle mouse button. You just have to get used to using your thumb.


New member
We have found that the best thing you can do for is to get a 3-button-wheel mouse (and get an optical one while you're at it - much better precision on picks.)

In Wildfire, the wheel becomes your pan/zoom control, and as a button, it becomes your rotate. To pan to the left, position your cursor on the right side of the screen and roll the wheel away to zoom towards the right, then position your cursor on the left, or on the area that you want to zoom up on and roll the wheel towards you. Middle mouse button held down for rotate, but note that you may want to give your computer time to pick on the model, before you start moving your mouse or your rotation center may be off of the item that you want to rotate about.

In 2001, you still use the keyboard keys with your three buttons, but by staying away from the keyboard keysin Wildfire, your brain won't be as confused when you switch from one to the other.

We work roughly 50% of the time in each and find it easy to use both methods of pan/zoom/rotate.


New member
I feel your pain... As some have described, the new zoom function should aid in reducing the need to pan. But none the less the old pan is still perhaps quicker.I am thinking that I will use my 5 button mouse and set one of the optional buttons to a shift. What irritated me more than anything in switching to wildfire was the fact that I could no longer just leave my finger on the CTRL key to do all three functions.At least byhaving a shift on the mouse you could have the "old" panfunction w/o touching the keypad...




New member
For anyone interested, the old 3-button symmetrical-body Logitech wheel
mouse P/N is 851252-0000. They have been out of production for a
long time, but are still available here and there. SGI, Compaq
and HP used the same mouse, but put their logo and P/N on
it. I bought 6 brand new ones a year ago for $6 each.

If you're still on "non-Wildfire" versions and need a replacement.....


New member
space balls are cool but a mouse will waxyou when it come to speed.

there are a few guy around where that use a 3 button. but they do as Mildfire states


New member
cheerseverybody....you've all been great!!!!
so guess there's no turning back to the old mouse + keyboard system eh.....ok, just have to dig deeper in the force then!!!

to be honest, i've been using Wildfire for bout 3 weeks now & still haven't got the bloody hang of it!!!
old am master yoda...weak in the force am i.....


New member
I say, if it's not broke don't fix it. I don't see one reason why they had to change the mouse scheme. Have you ever herd someone say, "Ah man! they changed the way you zoom and stuff and it works so much better"? Wildfire was, so they say, a product developed with input from the user. Well I'd like to find one user who thinks that the mouse scheme in Wildfire is better. I've gotten use to the new scheme but I still hit that damn Caps Lock instead of the Shift key!