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Cylinder mechanism

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I'm trying to create a working cylinder so that when I insert it into an assembly I can show the motion of the cylinder strike, rotation, and what the cylinder is pushing.

My problem is that I don't fully understand PRO/Mechanism (I do not have Mechanica). I know that I need to define a servomotor to move the rod but I can't get it to work.

Any suggestions?


p.s. Is there a good tutorial that explains Pro/Mechanica?
First, mechanisms are part of MDX (Mechanism Design Extension) now, not Mechanica. (Mechanica is the structural and thermal analysis module; mechanisms used to be part of it, but PTC separated it into MDX so they could sell them separately.)

Second: can you give me a better description of the cylinder's motion? I understand the rotate part, but the strike and push motion is a little confusing. Is the cylinder translating along its axis in order to strike something else? Or does the cylinder rotate to strike something else?

Off hand, my first instinct is that you're trying to do a cam connection, which is a little more complicated than the other connections in a mechanism (e.g., pin, cylinder, ball, bearing, planar, etc.).

David Martin

Torgon Industries
Most common problem with mechanisms in ProE is assemblying different levels of models.

You cannot connect part within servomotor mechanism with part/assy in top level mechanism. The thing is you have to create references within servomotor mechanism that will connect with parent model.
Got it figured out...I had two apposing servomotors, a push and a pull. When I ran the analisys nothing would happen. I discovered that I was trying to start and end both motors at the same time. After adjusting the start and end times the mechanism ran perfectly.

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