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Cut using surface


New member

I have a series of ribs along the interior of a part which I want to trim symetrically. I created a curve offset from the perimeter of the part, and a swept surface on the interior of the part using that curve. I want to cut or trim all the ribs along this swept surface so that they line the part equally.

(I hope this is understandable)

I only want to trim the ribs, and not other features which intersect the surface.

Any ideas?

you can use cut with usequilt. But the surface should be closed.

and open end shold not be inthe solid.Try and reply me.
closed surfaces are NOT required to be used as quilt cuts for solids.

depends on the situation. this may or may not be the sitch.

I'm not sure if I understand completely, but you may be able to try Cut Out in assembly mode.


-Create an assembly.

-Add your part (the one you want to add the cut to).

-Add the Cut Out part - 1 of 2 ways; create a separate part (that will represent the cut you want to make) without referencing the existing part, or create the Cut Out part from the assembly in order to reference the existing geometry. (You must be aware of referencing one part's geometry in order to create another part and the consequences that may be involved).

-Once you have both parts at the point you want them:

Component -> Adv Utils -> Cut Out -> follow the prompts:

Select part to add CUT OUT to, Done Sel -> Select reference parts for CUT OUT process, Done Sel -> choose either to Copy or to Reference the part for the CUT OUT.

This is an advanced feature and maybe a more complicated solution than you are looking for. I personally use this process to create cores in cast models. In any event, you will have to play around with it.

-Good luck,



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