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Cut using surface


New member

I have a series of ribs along the interior of a part which I want to trim symetrically. I created a curve offset from the perimeter of the part, and a swept surface on the interior of the part using that curve. I want to cut or trim all the ribs along this swept surface so that they line the part equally.

(I hope this is understandable)

I only want to trim the ribs, and not other features which intersect the surface.

Any ideas?
If your ribs are the last features in your model, you can insert a surface copy before the ribs. You want to copy the surfaces of the part that you want to keep. Resume all your features. Then merge the surface copy with your revolved surface to get the desired shape of your cutout. Now when you cut, it should only trim the ribs.
I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but you may try creating the ribs as surfaces. Then merge the rib surfaces with your swept surface, and create a PROTRUSION_FROM_SURFACE.


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