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cut garlic on two halfs


New member
I would like to cut imported feature (garlic model) on two pieces, to have two halfs; or make a cut so that after cut Ihave only one half. Imported feature is step model. I have tried extrude cut, but it can not be done on imported feature. Garlic is hollow inside.

Thank you for any help


New member
Dear people,

I really need help, very seriously;I would like to make a pattern array of points on the whole outside body of garlic. As you see on a picture I have made cross section curve with datum points on it, but now I would like to make a pattern around, or any other thing, just to get points distributed on a whole garlic. Can anybody help me? My boss says if this is not possible to do with ProE, than we will drop it away, and try something else... Honestly said, my friend did this with few clicks in ThinkDesign (with projection), but we have to use ProE. Garlic is imported as step feature, and it can not be selected as quilt,(onlyparts of it can be selected as quilts, but not the whole garlic-this made problems when I wanted to do a pattern)Thanks for any helpView attachment 1109


New member

can you put a link to the step file? or upload to files section?

Garlic?....don't tell me you are in Gilroy aka Garlic capital of the world


New member
I would very like to upload a step file, but my boss does not allow me to upload it. And the file is originally to big, is about 4MB. The garlic was first hand made, than it was scanned by Renishaw Cyclone scanning machine, and then the model was surfaced in Powershape from Delcam. We use these points to compare scanned model with this one "repaired" in ProE.

Do you know how to cut this quilt on two halfs in ProE?


New member
I'm on r2001 so won't be much help as to the picks in WF , but you should be able to use your datum plane to trim with...r2001 picks;

feature>create>surface>trim>use quilt>...pick quilt>then pick datum

You should get which side to keep..but then that's r2001 not WF.. the process should be close to the same tho


New member
on the point pattern.. there again r2001.......make a cl axis.. then create a datum plane through and at angle to a datum.. then create curve intersection of the surface and the angled datum... then you can create a point on curve..length ratio... pattern the point ...local group all the way back to the ang. datum.. then pattern the group..using the angle value...and you will have a radial point pattern

you want to have your number of points correct before you group it, as more than likey it will choke if you try and modify after grouping and patterning the group..

r2001 does..but WF may not.. either way it's not a big deal.. there are only three things that will be in the local group. ... the pattern from the points , the curve and the datum



in wf. u can simply click on pattern, then select axial pattern. (make
sure u have a axis in the middle of u r garlic) select axis and a plane
to use as a anglular reference. The select qty. and presto.

this is all dependant on how symetrical ur model is.

what are u tying to achieve with the points?


New member
you can also re-export ur step model in IGES as surfaces...then u can trim it into two halves using use quilt. About patterning the points around garlic..PUPPET is telling you the fastest method i know.


New member
Usually I use a knife and cut it in half as I would a head of lettuce... sorry I couldn't help myslef.

Youmight be able to create a flat suface on the top, merge it together, and make it solid. Then you can cut with the extrude tool.

Or you might be able to export it as an igs surface file.The igs filemay open as one quilt in which case you can do a surface trim.

By the way, it looks more like a vase than garlic.


New member
The best way to create solid part from imported geometry is not to open IGES or STEP directly and convert it to PRT, but to create new part and then import it using Import > Data from File option. Pro/E will import geometry and "close its surfaces". Then you can create solid with Solidify option (in WF) or Use quilt option (in 2001) and select imported geometry.

This way you will get solid geometry and cutting it in half is from here, I believe, smallest problem.


New member
Cut the model in half then it leaves you with 2 pieces. After that try creating a new part model and copy one of the halfs into that model then again for the other half. Hopefully i answered it accordingly to what you were looking for.