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Custom threaded shafts, anyone?


New member
Can anyone help me here? I'm a college student, and one of my assignments is to model a part of my choice. For my part, I have to model a rotated part (not difficult, granted), but the kicker is the fact that I have to model threads, both internal and external. I've tried making a shaft then putting the threads on it with a helical sweep, but it refuses to create the geometry.

i don't think there is a problem if you follow right the steps creating the helical sweep ....

i sent you an example in your mailbox ,so you can discover the way it was made

hope this helps


That u can easily create with cut option and then advanced and then helical sweep. but while making a boundary make sure that only the portion of shape of thread touches the cylinder . more over i am sending u a mail for ur query.




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