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custom BOM

I am need to add a custom BOM table for a top level assembly that shows the summary of all the parts on the drawing. Any idea how to accomplish this.

I want to know about BOM,

What I need is simple table which shows Item,PartNo,PartName & Qty.

Can any body help Me
An example:

Create a table with 2 rows and as many columns as necessary.

table>create. If you leave the defaults it will be a descending rightward table. Pick points on the numberline describing the width of each column.pick Done. Now select the height of each row, 2 is usually good.

Now select Table> repeat region>add. Pick the bottom left cell then the bottom right cell.

Now select Enter text>Report sym and pick the bottom left cell. pick these abreviations rpt.index, then do the same for column 2 but use rpt.qty, then do again for next column

finish and update table.

This will give you an auto expanding table with Find numbers, quantities, and part numbers. There are many other parameters to use.

You may need to modify the attributes of the table to No Duplicates. Try the different settings to get the BOM you need.


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