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curve selection in style.


Hi style guru's

in style i want to pick a curve chain. to be selected as one curve. i can not seem to do this.

outside of style i would simply use boundry blend tool, select one of
the curves.-detail- partial loop. then select the other end of the loop.

the purple and green curves i would like to select as 1 curve.

how would i go about this in style?

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here is my problem


ok i am a idiot

str8 from the help files


  1. <li ="kadov-p-CTopic-Text-Subbulleted">
    Press CTRL and select multiple boundaries.
    <li ="kadov-p-CTopic-Text-Subbulleted">
    Press SHIFT and select multiple curves in a
    single boundary.

i was using cntrl and shift backwards :

all fixed now :)


New member
Look at this from bright side:
You saved us all from loosing another hour or two to searching how to do that