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csi pdm integrator


New member
I had a look at it. Seemed to do a job but I went for Pulse PLM in the end. Pulse are also a UK company and have a lot of customers using ProE (well they say they have, I just spoke to a few of them but any that I did were happy). If you have any questions then give me a shout. We have been live now for two weeks and apart from some issues importing old ProE stuff everything has went well.
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New member
Thanks dezzi1,

Was there a reason you chose Pulse and are you using it across sites?

I can't seem to find anyone else using csi

I'm evaluating a development version and am havingissues with importinglegacy stuff too, what issues were you having andhow did you overcome them.


New member
The data import issues were more to do with our part numbering system and the state of our files. However Pulse did do some customisation of their import tool and after a few trial runs we were able to get everything in OK. I remember during the first few demos that Pulse took some of our files and we were able to watch the second demo with our files. I would say that if you want to go forward you should be asking for demos with your files. These companies can promise you the world but you really want to see the demo with your data. Wenow use Pulseon 14 ProE machines and so far so good. Big thing is speed!! Our retrieval times are way down and the guys are happy with that!


New member
CSI are a UK based company based in Newbury.

Perhaps you should also look at DesignDataManager from CSI.

Works for us!

happy hunting.


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If only the energy used in advertising could bechannelled into developing friendlier interfaces for us in the trenches.

Plod on!!!


New member
We implemented CSI's DDM about 6 months ago. We're a small company for whom Intralink was complete overkill. Plus, I'm not too sure about PTC's commitment to this product.

We're running Wildfire 1.0, much to our general amusement.

Ask any questions you like about it. I have no connection to CSI.