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Cross Sections


New member

If I create a cross section I get a hollow section, even if the model is solid, is this a bug, or intended behaviour?


New member
Is it because you are using a surface model?

I think the hatching only shows up if you are using solids.



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If what miked said isn't the case then the display of the crosshatching is really spread out. Modify the area of the crosshatching and keep clicking half.




New member

i have had this happen on a couple of occaisons with 2001.

It seems to be with planar xsecs.

One component in an assembly is just not there at all when you go to show the given xsec.

I have found by sketching the xsec works. If you just draw a line to replicat the plane through your model and offset this parallel to the plane you originally wanted to use. Strange thing is that in the instances i've seen an offset of zero maintains the original problem.

change the offset to say 0.1/0.05 which is usually ok for drawing purpose and the missing part xsec appears

proe dont have no bugs...................


New member
Problem solved:

Its a minor bug with defaults in Wildfire.

(Mike, who said its surfaces, read the first post, it IS a solid)

The bug is simply the default of a config option being 'no' rather than 'yes'. It has been fixed in recent Wildfire distributions.

Adding the option fixes the problem.

See clip_always and capped_clip options.



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