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Cross-Section creation


New member
I get an error message when drawing is regenerating and my view does not show cross section.

The error message reads:

Cross-section creation in view top_16, on sheet 1, aborted.

Does anyone know how to get the cross-section to show?

Could you add the solid model ?

there are to many reasons why the sections can not be regenrated..

Fix: In the value for crossec_type to new_style. This fixed the problem. I found it myself.
I see you solved your problem but there is an issue with the way ProE handles a cross section of a revolved part with a curve generated by formula (aspheric curve). This issue affects ProDetail and ProManufacturing. I had to work around the intended functionality to finish the job. I initiated a Tech Support call that remained unresolved and was eventually transferred to ProE's software development engineers. The result was SPR1063150 that will be fixed in new releases of both 2001 and Wildfire. ProE 2001, date code 2004010, and Wildfire ,date code 2003490, scheduled for release in early February will have the fix.

I initially thought the problem was resolved, and now I found the same problem in another detail drawing. I cannot resolve the problem by changing from new_style to old_style or vice versa. This is really getting frustrating. The view is there but the section is missing and the details associated with that section obviously are shown but the dimensions still remain. Any other suggestions?

Initially a call was made to PTC and they looked at the models and drawings. They recalled a situation with the release number or build number of the software version I was using. They recommended downloading a more current build. So we did and installed it. This did not fix the problem. I then looked again today at your posting and decided to start looking more closely at the model. I found one feature that was causing this problem. I am working to resolve it. It may be an accuracy issue, but I'm not sure yet. Thanks so much for your help!

Normally it is the section plane cutting an area less than accuracy allows. I have found moving the section plane .0001 normally fixes undisplayable cross sections. Depending upon the accuracy you need, this may not suit.