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Cross hatching with Wildfire

Garry Amm

New member
Having difficulty changing the display of cosmetic hatching in Wildfire. 2001 allows you to right click on the hatching and change the properties , ie angle, spacing etc.

Does anyone know how to do this with Wildfire???


New member
It's the same same way just make sure when you click on it the hatching line turn red then right clickand go to prop. if they don't turn red that means you click on theview and you wil be on the view prop. not on the cross sec. prop. Actualy it will be menu manager(mod x hatch)

hope this help.
Edited by: arroyopr


Change the option picker in the bottom right hand corner to X- Section, that way all you can pick is cross section hatching.


Garry Amm

New member
Problem solved...it was the 'drawing read only' setting in the config.pro

Our administation defaults to 'yes'

Must be set to 'no' in order to change the x-hatch properties.

thanks for your help