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Creo to Solidworks with setches


New member
I have this problem that I can't seem to solve: I have some parts in Creo that are ceramic substrates with metalization patterns. I usually build the part as a simple extrude and add sketches on top, with x-hatching to show that the sketch is the metal. I need to export this part to solidworks, so I tried with STEP and IGS, in both cases sketched areas are not exported, unless I select to export datum curves and points, then it exports everything (like axes, centerlines in sketches, hidden datums, all sort of stuff). I then re-open the step, IDD it to remove what's not needed and then it works fine. Or let's say it works "fine" importing it back in Creo or CAD file viewers, but Solidworks simply ignores all the sketched entities.

Is there another file format that's better suited to export solid data and sketched curves? It should be pretty easy in STEP I don't know why Solidworks doesn't import it correctly, maybe some settings?