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Creo API


New member
I'm new to Creo, I came from CATIA. In CATIA I was used to create a lot of api using vb.

I'm looking to create a lot of api to creo, but unfortenately there is not much info compared to CATIA, regarding api in vb in creo.

My question is, where I can get started to Api in vb to Creo?

I heard that PTC is investing a lot in pro toolkit, and maiby from Creo 6 onwards vb will be more limited. Is that true?

Where I can find the available functions from creo api in vb?

The preferred way to develop for Creo is using the C toolkit.
The pdf documentation can be found in the installation folder.
For PTC Creo this is
C:\PTC\Creo\Common Files\protoolkit
If I recall correctly the VB API is very limited compared to the C toolkit. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

John Bijnens

I've made the conection between vb and creo.
Now I need some help to do the following.

1st I need to save the screen image to a file *.png to a file

2nd If I have an assembly oppened, I need to reed the parameters from the activated part. Not the displayed assembly, but the activated part in the assembly.


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