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creating tifs of drawings containing imported images


New member
I realize you can import images or word documents into Pro-E. There is no problem there.

Our problem comes when we try to make a tif of the drawing (using print to tif). The imported document does not show up. Is there a way to get the imported image to show up in the TIF file? If I'm not mistaken, you can't print these out either.
This is how it works:

File-->Save a copy as-->select the format (TIF) from the list, then save it.

Then, go through Insert-->Object-->select create from file option-->Ok

That's the way it works on Pro/E2001.

This doesn't work because any small text becomes unreadable. It makes a real sloppy TIF file. But thanks for the suggestion.

Anyone Else?
Try this:

Click on Print

> select add printer type... (click on the little arrow next to Priner destination box)

---don't use the tiff option in the first drop down list---

>select tiff from the Add printer type box

>Use the configure button to set up your print and make sure you use the same papaer size as the drawing sheet. I have seen lines dissapear when an AO get printed down to an A4

>click OK

>Select Print to file and nominate a file name and directory in the Print To File dialogue box.

Note: it will want to call it a .plt file just rename it after the file ha been created.

Open the file up and have a look at it.

PS: there is a config option which you should use to enable tiff compressin. So unless you want tiff files of around 80 Megs plus just add tiff_compression = g4 to your

Skuld ^_^


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