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Creating text protrusions on a cylindrical surface



Once you have your datum curve on the surface, create an Area Offset feature:Insert > Advanced > Area Offset > Sket Region > SideNrmToSkt). Use a make datum for the sketching plane tangent to the cylinder at the location of the text. In sketcher, Use Edge > Loop, and select the existing datum curve text that you had before. Enter a postive offset for protrusions, negative offset for a cut.

This works best with minimum text. If you have a lot of text, sketcher can take a long time to regenerate because you have a lot of little skeched entities.
Create a surface, can be a copy. Use flatten quilt. Sketch an extruded protrusion on the flat quit and then create a solid bend which will automatically bend it back to it's original shape. This is robust and doesn't take long to regen.
How is cosmetic groove different from projecting a datum curve?

If you project a datum curve you can at least cross over multiple surfaces. This may be quicker in some cases for programming but I usually need to show the text to the client in its finished state before they can approve it.


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