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creating surface/solid from 3ds modelfile


New member
Hi There,

I am new to solidworks, and want to convert a 3ds format model to iges or sat format.

So I converted the 3ds file to dwg (I also converted it to stl) format and opened it in solidworks. But when I try to convert it to iges/sat format, it says "no solid found". May I know what should I do? Thanks.

There are issues importing the 3D dwg or stl files into SW.

I downloaded some car models a while back that were in dwg format. My machines a bit old so Jim Shaw was kind enough to open the model and send it to me. It came in as surfaces and there would be a lot of work to try converting it into a solid. I suspect you have the same problem.

STL files will give you even more of a headache and usually need some other add on program to make anything that is usable.

I'm sure that doesn't help much but the translation from 3ds to SW without bolt on programs is pretty poor.

Can you give us more information on what you have and what you are trying to do? Or perhaps provide a screenshot or upload the file?

From there, we can provide the best advice. Data translation challenges are almost always unique.

Looking forward to helping,

Jim Shaw


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