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Creating Pro/E Models from Data Import


New member
We are attempting to create Pro/E models from imported data. A vendor created Pro/E models in Wildfire and we have 2001, so we cannot work with the models. I had the vendor send us STEP files, thinking we could import the models and re-create the models in 2001. After creating the first protrustion, we found the protusion would fill in the imported STEP data. Is there a workaround for this? What data format would be best to work with? Eg, IGS, NEU...
If you redefine the import feature and pick on attributes, you can unselect 'make solid'. This would allow you to layer off the import feature after you use it for reference. I would suggest creating the default datums and referencing them so you don't create any unwanted parent/child relationships. Also with this you can always turn the import back on to compare thr Pro/E model to the imported data.
I would suggest you try out the IGES format. It's comparatively more flexible and hence easier to work around with.

The way I like to work with imported data is as follows:

Create all your base datums, axis, etc. Import the data, usually just wireframe. Use the base datums for sketching planes and references. In the sketch, choose use edge and pick the imported entities. Regenerate and complete the feature. Redefine the feature and choose scheme, delete all alignments. Create new dimensions referencing only basic datums and sketched entities (you can turn the imported entities layer(s) off to help ensure that they don't get referenced). This way the dimensional values are locked to the imported data values but all references to the imported data are eliminated.
Yes, we have been utilizing Dr_gallup's method. In 2001 we will select the features references from the imported model, choose Sketch>References select all datum/geometrical references and delete all the references to the imported geometry. Pro/E will attempt to make sure each feature is dimensioned. You then have to redimension and reconstrain the geometry. This method is working well for us.
If you ever have problems getting iges or step files from you vendors, we use ProDesktop Express (free version) to do the conversions.