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Creating midplanes


New member
I know it's probably dumb question, but I didn't notice explanation for it anywhere. Anyway, how to create datum plane symmetricaly between two planes/surfaces? Is there direct procedure or I have to create datum points, axes etc. first?


Jurij Skraba
if you know the distance between the two planes/surfaces then you can create the new plane by offsetting it from one of the planes by half the distance.

There might be a better way..but you can try this.. :)
I sure know the distance between two planes, but don't want to relate the distance and a datum plane. Why? If I change the distance between planes, datum plane won't be symmetrical anymore.

Best regards,

Jurij Skraba
If you know that the datum plane always will be symmetrical, then you can use relations. I.E. x is the distance between the planes and y=x/2 is the distance of the symmetrical plane from one of the planes. This way the plane always will be symmetrical. I suppose you know how to work with relations.

I hope this helps.


Cerilio Maduro
That procedure is familiar to me.

What I wanted to know was, is there any few-menu-click option to create midplane in a snap?

Thanks anyway.

Jurij Skraba
There is no midplane pick. You have to do a relation.

Another option is to create a feature using the both sides attribute and the blind depth option. This will create the feature symmetrically about the sketching plane. This may not fit your particular situation, but it works nevertheless.


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