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Creating JPEGS from drawings in 2001


New member
I am trying to export a JPEG of a drawing view in 2001. I am able to find the option for .TIF file under the save as, however there is no option for a JPEG. Does anyone know how to export a jpeg from a drawing in 2001? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

1. Select Print, use CTRL+P or use the icon, the print dialog box will appear.

2. For the Desination printer select Add Printer Type... from the drop-down box

3. Select JPEG, TIFF or whatever format you want export.

4. Select To File and deselect To Printer

5. Configure the print options if necessary

6. Click the OK button

7. If you're only printing multiple sheets of a drawing, select the Create Separate Files button

8. Change the file name of the exported picture (remove the .plt extension and replace it with the correct one for the type of file you are creating i.e .jpg or .tif)

9. Click OK.

10. The files will be, (should be), saved to your current working directory.