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creating involute curves


New member
How to create an involute curve to define the tooth profile for a spur gear ?

I've got a set of simple equations to generate the curve, all i need to
know is how to use these equations on CATIA to generate a curve?

kindly help....these are the equations:

r = (some value)

a = t * 90

s = (PI * r * t ) / 2

xc = r * cos(a)

yc = r * sin(a)

x = xc + ( s * sin(a))

y = yc - ( s * cos(a))

z = 0

where , t: is a variable whose value varies from 0 to 1.

r: base circle radius

s: circumference


New member
yes i did....i was just looking for a different answer, thought maybe some one here might have one.