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Creating Fixtures


New member
I am trying to create a fixture to hold a cellular phone out of ABS but the problem is that when we create our assembly we build in a very small gap between parts and so when I shrinkwrap the model it does not close the geometry regardless of quality and type (surface, facet, merged). Shrinkwrap by definition will not fill gaps between components according to PTC knowledgebase.

I am looking for a technique that will allow me to "shrinkwrap" my assembly in such a way that I could assembly that part to a block and use CUT-OUT to create the fixture so that it could be milled or printed in a Z-printer.

Any suggestions?


why can u not just use cut out from the assembly? u should be able to. are you trying to get a negative of ur part?


New member
Cut out is on a part by part basis. I cannot cut out the assembly
from a block . I need more than one part to be subtracted from
the block.

Any other ideas?


make a empty part in ur assembly and then u can individually merge all the items in ur assembly into that blank part.

then use that new part to make the cut out. if u use reference cutting
then it will change as u go making changes. which is very cool.

there is probably a better way to do it. maybe post in manufacturing
part of the forum. i am sure that injection moulding people will have a
much easier solution.

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