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Creating Features in an Assembly Mode


New member
I am using WildFire 2.0 m120. I can not create a cut, only a protrusion in assembly mode. yet my co-worker can not create a protrusion only a cut. we are using the same build and modules. I do not care for creating features, I feel they are unstable, in assembly mode but in my particular situation I am required to. Is there some settingwe have turned off or on. maybe a config-pro option my co-worker and I have messed with?


New member
I'm not sure what might be causing the behavior you are seeing, but if there is any chance it's a config option try hiding (rename or move) your config.pro.

When you say "only a protrusion in assembly mode"; you should not be able to create any solid geometry in the assembly environment, only cuts and surfaces / quilts. Makes me wonder .... ?


New member
If you add new feture in assemblly mode geometry is stable if you choose refremces and sketcher linked by the part you add new feature

Try to select in model tree the part,right click,Activate , and insert new feature linked by own part references

Is like that you try? or youmake different



There are at least three different types of "feature" creation in assembly mode. A true assembly feature can not add any solid geometry, only cuts which can intersect multiple parts. But if you activate an existing solid part while in assembly mode you can create both cuts and protrusions. I suspect you are actually creating a new part in assembly mode in which case the first solid feature must be a protrusion.


New member
You should have the icons for various cuts in assembly mode, and you can create a protrusion, but have to make it a component, built 'as features'- us the tool tips, and watch what options are available, and dont forget to check out your drop down menus, as part of what you see on the screen is dependent on how you have your interface configured.


New member
I can't seem to duplicate what I was doing the yesterday, but I can only make a cut in assembly mode now. I did try activating curtain components and making protrusions and cuts in my assembly and that works great. I am going to check out building the assembly 'as features'. thanks.