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Creating Datum Planes at angles

Kid B

New member
I am a relatively new user the ProE and having a bit of difficulty creating datum planes at angles to others. All other datum function seem to be working but I can't bring up the contents/index help page inside the program!



First create an axis that will go through two datum planes .

Then let the new datum plane that you want to create go through the axis and then use a datum plane as referense when you set an angle.

Good luck.

to create a datum plane at angle to other, you must first have an entity that this plane pass through.

First create an axis (select every option you want) or decide which edge you want your plane to pass through.

Then create a datum plane with the following options :

1. through (pick the edge or axis you want),

2. angle (pick the plane you want for reference).

enter the value from the side you want (you can use a negative value to change the direction that the system shows you)

see the result

Hello KidB,

The procedure explained by Xcad is best. This procedure is used when the feature created need to be patterned around the axis. Because of this the New Datum plane is created. Important point is the NEW DATUM PLANE CREATED IS DURING THE FEATURE CREATION. I.E., DATUM ON FLY. So that the angle can be used as the dimension in rotational patterned.

Thank you,


One trick not aforementioned is that with datums-on-the fly

you can create your plane as described previously.

Instead of completing your feature hit restart and you can use your angled plane to offset another plane from that..


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