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Creating a rounded corner

Hello dude, read the followings :

Construct a surface extrude, capped ends

Go to the edge you want to make a rounded corner and make three points (sketch points to every edge of the three). Then make three curves (with the Sketch, Curve, Through points, define tangency, done).

Make a VarSecSwp (Feature, Create, Surface, New, Advanced, VarSecSwp, NrmToOrigTraj, Done)

Then Sketch the origin Trajectory (a curve from the vertex edge to one of the points), then select the two others in purpose to make the trajectories that define the feature. Proe puts you in Sketcher mode and sketch two centerlines (two edges), then sketch a spline curve through two points (to define the profine of the VarSecSwp), and constrain the curve with the tangency with the two edges), done.

You can see that you have made a surface from the three curves that you previously made. Now Create a merged surface and with the intesect tool select the right side so you keep the side you want.

As last step create a solid from this surface.


Karavasilis V. Christos

If you don
you can also create an Advanced Round. Create 3 seperate sets using the surface-surface option. You can either let it apply to the part directly or save it as a surface if you need to. This will allow you to create the round without using the EDGE-EDGE option.

If this isn't clear enough, let me know.

[email protected]


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