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Creating a Realistic Hem Feature in Wildfire


New member
Making a hem look like it will be in the real world.

When you use the 'Flush' hem feature you get no gap between the opposing faces of the hem. This will not be what you'll get in the real world, there will/should be some sort of gap between the two opposing faces of the hem. And, with the 'Flush' hem you cannot add an extruded wall with no radius to an edge of the hem. See TPI 115479.

Instead, use the 'Open' hem feature and make the outside radius .002 more than the material thickness.


New member
Do you use the sheet metal hem feature that Pro provides? I have found that no matter what type of hem you use you never get an axis when you nbend the part. Pro has known of this problem for some time but has never fixed it. This kind of make sthe hem feature rather useless in real world application. Unless you feel like adding an axis after every hem feature you create.