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Creating a Pipe model without Pro/Pipe


New member
Within assembly mode is the option to create a pipe feature. If the pro/pipe module is not available, the feature is basically a centre line, describing the path of the pipe within the assembly.

My questions is if anyone knows of a way to capture this pipe feature so that it can be used as a trajectory in a sweep? My current workaround is to use a thru points datum curve as the trajectory.

I am fairly certain that it is not possible to do what I am asking, but if anyone has found a method to use the assembly pipe feature, I would really like to know how it was done.

Thanks in advance.
I would try creating the Pipe feature in a Part instead of an Assembly. The pipe feature should create a solid. If you do not see a solid after creating a pipe feature, you may want to try calling PTC's Technical Support. They should be able to help resolve the issue.

Creating the Pipe feature in a Part seems to make a little bit more sense for us because we can track the pipe as a part number instead of a feature. When we create a BOM for our top-level assembly, it will now show each pipe as a separate part with a corresponding part number.
In order to create the pipe feature you must have points. Simply create the points in a part or use use copy geom to create them in a part from an assembly. I have never found a way to utilize the pipe centerline to create a sweep. Route a crv thru points then create the pipe. The pipe feature sometimes limits the wall thickness so use a sweep and then shell it out. Best bet, get Piping does a whole lot of extra for you and does it easily.

Good luck,
Hello Everybody...

I have also the same problem. ProE/Piping is unavailable and I have to design roughly a piping system. did you manage to design with sweep or trajectories? how can one do it?

It demands allways the same, just one sweep plane at all. I couldn`t success to sweep a 3D trajectoriy

does anyone have an idea about that or any suggestions...

Urgent Please,,,



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