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Creating A Physical External Thread


New member
We have Creo 3.0. And, I have been trying to create a physical external thread, but, keep running into a problem.

I click on the Helical Sweep icon.
I click on the Reference tab.
I click on Edit icon next to Internal Profile Section.
I draw the line on the edge of the cylinder.
I add a centerline in the middle of the cylinder.
I add a triangle geometry on the coincident to the line on the edge of the cylinder.

This is where I keep getting stuck.

I adjust the pitch, and, the check icon is greyed out. I don't know what to do from this point.

What do I do from here?

Helical Thread 001.JPG


New member
You don't create the thread profile in the same sketch as the straight line.
Here's the way I do this.
I create the straight line sketch outside of the helical sweep command, pick "Sketch" from the main ribbon.
2. Sketch the straight line on the cylindrical profile and exit the sketch.
3. Select Helical Sweep.
4. Click inside the "Select Internal Sketch" box and select the straight line from the screen.
5. Pick the cylindrical centerline from inside the "References" drop down.
6. Select the White square with pencil, 3rd icon from left in your pic, to create the thread profile internal.
The model may re-orientate. Draw single lines starting at the beginning of the straight line sketched previously.
Complete dimensions for the thread and exit this sketch.
7. Select the "Remove Material" icon, 4th from left.

You may get a representation of the finished product prior to picking the green check mark.
Hope this works. If not send an email with phone number, I'll walk you through it.
Jay Crook
[email protected]