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Creating a "fake" dimension...


New member
I know I've seen this before, but it eludes me now...

How do you just place a dimension on a drawing so you can insert text like -

| |


I want no association to the part or assembly. Strictly for a tableized list of lengths.



New member
here is a work around, as I'm not sure of the correct answer.

create a part model. create two datum points, using the sketch method, then put a dimension in the sketch, value is not important.

then in your drawing, show a view of the part. Show/Erase the dimesion. put the points on a blanked layer so you don't see them. then, modify the dim, change the symbol to X & changed the syntax to @O (instead of @D)


New member
Create the dimension, right-click, properties, edit text, replace @d with @o X.

That will be associated to the features you use to create it. Depends what you want, but you can use modify- dimension

and replace the dim. symbol with X, and that can be shown on the drw. Than you can create a family table and that can be automatically shown in a table.



2 ways:

Modify the part dimension symbol to X and change the dimension text to{0: }{1:mad:S}{2:}

This is best if you are using the dimension in a family table and also want use it in a repeat region in a table in the drawing.

However, if you want no association to the part or assembly (as you state but I don't think it is good modeling practice) do this:

Create a dimension in the drawing. Must be a draft dimension, not a shown part or assembly dimension. Change the dimension text to {0:mad:o}{1:X}

The character after the @ is a letter O.


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