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Creating a curve

create points along the curve where you want the end points to be.

create a composite curve from the 3d curve and trim the end using the datum points you have just created.

You will have to create a composite curve for each segment.

here is an annoying solution, but a solution nonetheless....

1) create datum points along the 3D curve that represent the endpoints of the segments

2) use Split Curve to get rid of one of the sides of the curve

3) use Split Curve again to get rid of the other side.

4) do this for each segment you need

*Note: you need to supress the new segments to return to the original 3D curve to create the next segment
Thanks to all.

I found out how to solve the problem.

My curve was created as a Surface-Surface ( a cylinder and a shell) intersection.

Since it was a 3D curve it would have been difficult to create it otherwise.

The projection of the curve on the reference plane was a circle and I wanted to use more than 180 degrees out of the curve.


I creted a plane parallel with the axis of the cylinder and then I went in Curves and I chose Split.

That was all.

Thank you.


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