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Creating a BOM with Excel??


New member
Is it possible to create a BOM from Pro to an Excel file? (Without the use of Intralink)

Showing all parts, sub assemblies and their parts?

Thank you

p-BOM will be released in the next week.

It addresses this need/issue (and then some).

It will be listed here in the software section and also on

Hope you like it when it is released. We are very pleased with it so far.

Info > Bill of Materials

will give you a text file with the top level and lower level parts.

You can open this file with excel (& format the text, etc...)

We have finally released p-BOM to address this.

Check it out if you get a chance. There is a Flash Demo and a copy of an exported file there for you to see what it can do.

We hope to have it listed here in the next week - ESSENTIALS Section...



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