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Create parameter REV, that is depending on PTC_WM_LIFECYCLE_STATE for drawing

Johan W

New member
I want to create a parameter REV, that depending on PTC_WM_LIFECYCLE_STATE of the drawing is either equal to PTC_WM_REVISION of the drawing or blank.

I was able to create this when referring to the model. On the model, I created the parameter REV (string). Thereafter I set up the following relation:

if search(PTC_WM_LIFECYCLE_STATE,"Released")>0

I was then able to refer to this model parameter in the region by
mdl.param.name == REV

Depending on the state of the model (Concept, Prototype, Released) the parameter REV is either “Released” or blanked.

However, this solution requires update of all existing models, adding both the relation and the parameter (probably solved with mapkey). Thus, drawings with updated template and not updated with the parameter REV will be blanked, which is a huge risk.

I want to create the same scenario in a table region referring only to the drawings own PTC_WM_LIFECYCLE_STATE and PTC_WM_REVISION. I can find both these under parameters while not referring to any model (PTC_WM_LIFECYCLE_STATE and PTC_WM_REVISION will by sync with the models so no problem referring to these parameters).

In the Repeat Region I can set up relations and create my own parameters REV, but how do I refer to the drawing parameters PTC_WM_LIFECYCLE_STATE and PTC_WM_REVISION, see error message bellow. They exist and I only need to find them in my Repeat Region for the table so that I can set up the relations for parameter REV that only exist in this Region, not depending on the model. The problem is not solved by adding :d behind the parameters PTC_WM_LIFECYCLE_STATE and PTC_WM_REVISION.

Invalid symbol 'PTC_WM_LIFECYCLE_STATE' found..JPG

please help me solve this problem, will be very greatful!