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Create entity on edge


New member
I'm attempting to create a parallel blend between two airfoil sections to create a wing section. I have the airfoil curves at the two ends of my section that I imported from an IGES file. My problem is that when I try to create entity on edge on one of the airfoil curves, it sits there working for half an hour or more, then dies with a message could not create entity. I'm attempting the entity in Loop mode.

Any idea what my problem is here?


New member
It is possible the entity you are selecting is actually a polygon with a million nodes. I would suspect this to be the case especially if you have an IGES aero data curve created from an analysis program. When working with aero data in the past we had to balance the Pro/E functionality with product acccuracy. We simply created a new curve over the aero data curve. We were acceptably close to the original curves and things worked out fine. The things you have to watch are the boundary conditions from the iges to the feature you are creating. I suspect the transitions will be tough if not impossible using the IGES. You may need to recreate the IGES portions natively to get the transitions correct.

Good Luck.


New member
u can try to make the aerofoil by var section sweep

and get the sections by over sketching the iges files.