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Create a new "Where Used" report


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I am wondering if anybody knows how to create new Intralink reports. I would like to create a new where used report that would only look at the latest versions in Commonspace. I don't need to know if a part was used on an assembly three versions ago - just the current, up to date stuff.


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If I'm understanding you correctly, this functionality already

exists in Intralink. At least in 3.2 - 2002270.

Highlight an item in a CS or Locate browser an click on the

Where Used Report icon.

Once that dialog box comes up, change the Configuration

option to latest and click on the Update icon right next to it.

This will result in showing just the latest rev and version

of the item(s) that use the item in question.

Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.


New member
I don't want to know the latest version it's used on, just if it's used on the latest version. For example, if I want to know where part001 is used, I only care if it is used on the current (or latest) version of asm001.


That's a tough one... You'd probably need a sql script to get at that information.

You'd want to first do a where-used report and then then check each resulting item to see if there is a later rev/ver available in the commonspace.



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Thanks for your replies, Brad, I figured I wasn't going to have too much luck with this one.
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If I understand the question what you're looking for is the default for Intralink. However, it is incumbent that you retain the same part name.

asm001 contains part x

You update the product substituting part y for x and save the latest version as asm002. Intralink has no way to know that asm001 isn't a current version.

But, if you save the new assembly as asm001 and roll the version and/or revision then I believe a where used report for part x will say part not used.