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Creat an aligned hole


Depends what you mean. Too make a hole aligned to a boss or another hole use a COAXIAL hole. You can also use linear placement and selct a reference at that postion. Click in the bock that says offset under Secondary references and change it to align. (WILDFIRE).


New member
Another way is to go into the sketcher and ALIGN the new hole (in the sketch) to the pre-existing feature (e.g. hole). The contraint will be added to the existing feature with no zero dimension.

That works great!



New member
IN Wildfire, click the pause button, and place a datum through the axis of the first hole - parallel to the second. Resume, drag one handle to that datum for a 'zero' dimension. I really wish that it could be made that we didn't have to do a datum on the fly, and that we could just drag our handles to the axis. I have noticed that you can use a hole axis if the first hole is not planar to the second hole.

Steve C


New member
in 2001, you can insert an axis by insert>axis point in the sketch mode of your protrusion. you'll have an axis through that point perpendicular to your sketching plane..

Thanks for the replies,

Let me make my question a little clearer.

I'm currently using 2001.

In previous versions when you create a hole (see picture in my original message) offset from another hole, it would ask you if you want the hole aligned, thus not needing a '0' dimension.

But in 2001, I can't seem to get rid of '0' dimension.



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