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Cosmetic Thread Note


New member
Is there any way to show the thread note on a hole without modifying the dimension and typing it in manually?
hello, try this

make a thread hole in part mode > Insert > Hole > Standard hole > select from UNC, ISO, UNF > from the screw size select the type of the hole you want to use > observe the dimensions below (after you select the screw size) > from the hole placement, place the hole to your model.

place in a drawing the desired views and pick View > Show and Erase > Note (it is the icon with the ABCD on it with a leader > select the thread hole you made (from the model tree or drawing), accept all, and see the result. You get the full information for the thread.

Return to part mode, select the hole > redefine. Observe the Hole Note Preview from the hole window. As you can see this information proe show in the drawing.

From Edit>Value in drawing mode you can erase or add the information proe shows you for the thread and if you select the information > right click > properties, you can change the informations text style.



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