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Cosmetic thread display in drawing mode


Is there a way to make a Cosmetic thread assigned to a threaded area on a part to show a simpified representaion of the threaded area when creating views in drawing mode? In other words, can you make a Cosmetic thread display what would normally be drawn in 2D to show the threads as a simplified rep. All I'm getting is just a hidden line outline representing the major diameter and length of thread, and not a simplifed thread symbol.


Thanks for the reply, my question is a bit different than the situation that Boyt had. I can hide and unhide the cosmetic thread just fine, but being new to Pro/E I am currious if there is a way to get a cosmetic thread to be shown in a Drawing as a thread symbol to represent a simplifed representation. By this I mean like the following:







All I'm seeing are the hidden lines that represent the minor diameter of the thread, which is cool but it would be even cooler if Pro/E would draw the entire symbol like is required by 2D drafting standards (a thread symbol).

In Pro/E, cosmetic means not real. There is no geometry to show in the drawing. Pro/E doesn't use symbols to create fake geometry. That doesn't mean you can't fake it, it just means it would probably be less work to create the threads. The cosmetic option is really there to show overall dims and supply parameters for the note callouts. If you need detailed form, fit info or mass props then you need to create the threads anyway. If you don't, then why bother making the symbol when a note calling out an appropriate spec. would do.

Use a helical cut or a formed datum curve and sweep to create cut threads.
From engineering point of view show the threads with dashed lines and notes is enough, in other word, by activating Note option from Show/Erase menu you are able to retrieve the necessary parameters for a thread (e.g. M10X1.5).

If not, as one of the friends mentioned create sweep feature for internal or external thread.
Hi Freecat,

To convert the cosmetic thread into drawing mode needs to set certain parameters in the drawing setup file.

1.hlr_for_threads yes

2.thread_standard std_iso_imp

then,change the display by disp_mode , view_disp, hidden_line & quilt_hlr.

By this way u can see the thread quilt as simplified thread symbol.




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