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core cavity extract in Catia


Hi Gvi and everyone
after extraction of core and cavity, I need to make some changes in part. The question is "how this change will reflect in core and cavity?" I try on one of my mold, but there is no update option, no regenerate?? is this possible in Catia??
it is
but not in ccv as i remember
create core and cavity in assembly design using design in context and keep the links between the parts
Thanx GVI,
but this is not the solutions man. in Pro, UG, SolidEdge and Even solidworks, its just need a regenaration of assy and all changes are incoroporate in a second (if the change didnt effect the parting surfaces). Its too strange behavier of Catia
if you compare it with other software i agree
i only use pro/e some years ago and if i remember right for complex mold if i change something in the parting surface ...the assy was broken.

I think DS try to avoid similar situations
now I am facing another problem and its making me crazy. I want to make a mold. As I did previously, I make a product then start core and cavity design workbench. But now after product, as I want to start it, it asking for part no. If I start is with part, it cant import model and says to make a product first, I couldn't understand why it is doing.

How r u dear? I heard that the update in core and cavity workbench is possible but is is a long procedure. I want to know how we can do this, even its a 1000 miles long procedure

Could anybody help in this regard?
as i told you on the other forum you have to rebuild the surfaces for splitting
this is necessary because those surfaces are datum features (without history)
that's way i recommend to use design in context in assembly (just modify the surface and update).
I use this method because is faster - the dark side...well you have to make(or "import") the mold base.

PS: I am curios, who told you that this cam be done by update? I will take a look on r18 documentation to see if somthing has changed

Edited by: gvi70000
I got the solid body updated by synchronize. Now I need to update or replace scaled surfaces.
I am a little bit bussy now a day, will experiment by a simple part mold then post all the steps soon.


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