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Copying Surfaces


New member
Hi Gurus,

Can anyone tell me please how I can copy surfaces from two different parts in an assembly and paste them into a new part so that I can use their geometry to make the new part? The surfaces will form the boundaries of the new part.

When I try to do this I select the surfaces to copy, open my new part and paste them into it. The problem is that the surfaces appear in different orientations when I paste them to what they were in the assembly. I need to keep them in the same relative position. I guess it must be something to do with the axis systems of the parts that I am copying from being different, but can't figure out a solution.

I don't understand the process of copying and pasting. Are there any good tutorials about anywhere?



You are right, its related with absolute axis position.

First insert a new part in your assy and define the axis system in the same position like assy (if I remember well you have to click on No).

Then copy what you want and paste special as result in your part.

You can use also a macro which exist in the online documentation..

Thats all

May be you do like this:

Fist,publish the elements(surface point line curve edge ect...) you want to copys (Tools---Publication)

then,insert a new part in your assemblyand acctive it, selet the elements you published and exatract it

the two part are dependent

sorry i only known a litter english

if you interest in it please send an email to me, i wouldsend some pictures or videos about how to do it

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