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Copying parameters


New member
Is there an efficient method to create a set of parameters in an existing model from, for instance, a start model?
Its easy:....

Just Program>Edit design and in the window that comes up you can cut and paste the parameters into the model file.

Here's the deal.. Open up a part that already has the parameters added, use Program>Edit design>from model to find the user defined parameters, copy all the lines between input and end input.

Now go back to the file you want to modify and do the same, only now you paste into the part file. The new lines will go between the input and the end input lines.

Say yes to accept the changes and regen the part,

add the parameters as prompted.

If you have alot of files to do you can create a text file with the lines in it and the file is always there for futre editing.

Skuld ...^_^
I will suggest you to create parameter directly on your start part. Just open it in a clean session and add the parameter as normal way. save this model and make it your start part.
probably the most efficient way to add parameters to models that were created without them is to use Modelcheck. You can set the configuration to automatically add any parameters you want. You list them in the init file for modelcheck and away you go. You can run modelcheck in batch mode on a whole directory of models and do them all. Modelcheck is not the easiest program to set up. Ther are 3 or 4 files that need to be editted to work well but if all you want to do is add parameters then this would be relatively easy.

My suggestion however is to add them all to your start part with values like TBD so they are always there. And send them to your vendors for them to use as well.
skuld...what version of Pro are you using? I looked in many models with lots of params and none showed up on the input...end input areas. In fact I didn't see them anywhere in the program listing.


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