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Copying features from one part to another.


New member
My objective is to convert a part to our standard start parts parameters, relations, layers, etc....

Does anyone know of a shortcut?

What I would like to do is take our start part and import the features (datums, protrusions, cuts) from the other part that does not have our start part info.
Feature > Copy > FromDiffModel

You can also use ModelCheck for updating your parts with new parameters, relations, laytes, etc. automatically. I'm not sure how ModelCheck handles cuts & protrusions.
Have you tried doing a feature copy? You can copy features (and their parameters) from another model using this method. Make sure source and target models are in open windows. Choose the feature operationsmenu just as if you were copying from the current model, just make sure to select FromDifModel. When you are asked to select a model, choose the source window and then the model. Then you will be asked to choose the feature(s). After choosing your features, the process continues just as if you were copying from within the same model.

Hope this helps.

BTW, I've used this to copy Analysis features from one model to another, and the corresponding relations and parameters were copied with it.


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