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copying drawing views in other drawing files


New member
Does anyone know how can I copy a drawing view from a drawing file to an other drawing file?

I have a drawing file and I need to copy an entire drawing view ( including dimensions and attached notes ) into an other drawing file but I don't want to create a new sheet ( not using ..Advanced/Merge command) and I don't want to make a snapshot , I want to keep the link with the model.
Advanced | Merge is the best way to copy views.

Merge the drawing, then move the views from the new sheet to the current sheet (Sheets | Switch Sheet).
try using Advanced/Overlay/Add Overlay....

click Place Views if you want views from other

drawing files or Place Sheet for entire sheet.

(just follow prompts for the rest...)

have fun!
Hello, proe users

I want to add my opinion to this interesting question.

If we use Advanced > Merge as the way to copy views the system works right.

The advanced > Merge command works perfectly when we have a lot of different drawings, from different users with different options (*.dtl files), so if the CAD administrator wants to have one *.dtl file so the company has the same drawing for all, creates a *.dtl file with the right options, and merge all the other drawing into his prototype drawing.A

As a result the other drawings adjusts with the protoype drawing.

I try to use the Edit > Copy from other drawing, but the software accepts only Entire Sheet, Dwg Tables, Draft Items, as options to copy. Is it possible for Den E, to reanswer to us how it is possible with this way to copy a whole view ?

If someone tries to use Advanced>Overlay>Add Overlay, we can copy views to another, but as we can see to the model tree the software looses the link with the model. Can proe2000i explain how can we use this command and keep the link with the model.

I want to add my personal answer to the question.

If you want to have another drawing, in which you haven
this is interesting! Let's try to understand that damiaptr is doing a drawing and wanted to maintain a link that would reflect in a drawing. as what i understand to his problem is that he is not trying to merge a model to other model

or features of it but just wanted a copy of drawing views with its details to another or different drawing files. you wont see drawing/detail changes in a model tree because obviously thats a tree for a model. it will show you only what is happening to a working model. maybe we should request the developer to to create a drawing tree to see what is being done in a working drawing.

anyways, overlaying a drawing, let's say a generic drawing to another drawing is like you are having a parametric copy of that generic drawing. the parametric link is one sided only saying whatever you do or changes you make on that generic drawing will parametrically reflect or copied by that overlay drawing as long as you regenerate it but you cannot do anything with the overlay drawing except moving, deleting and adding.

i hope damiaptr will reply if he succeed from all the advice commands and what commands he had used. thanks a lot.
Hi friends!

I tried several ways to copy a drawing view from a drawing file into an other drawing file...

Right now, my opinion is that the advanced/merge command remains the best way to do this and as said, with sheets/switch sheet I moved the view from the second sheet to the first sheet and afterwards I deleted the second sheet.

I couldn
Hi Friends,

Iam using Wildfire 3.0,iam unable to find Adavnced/Merge option in my window.can anyone help me out.pls.