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Copying a part to another part in 2001


New member
Hi All,

Listen, having a headache with trying to copy a part to a new part as dumb geometry. I want to reference a few lines etc to create this new part and then erase or delete the reference part without up setting the new one!!! It's really starting to get on my nerves I don't want to use assembly either I've tried using the data sharing options but no joy. Also can anyone throw some light onto this SKELETON model lark, have no idea what it is and the help files are as useful as a bucket with a hole in it!!




New member
If what you are after is an independent part without references to the original part you can do several things:

1. Use data sharing and specify the shared data to be independent.

2. Use data sharing to obtain your reference geometry. Then create your new geometry by referencing the shared geometry in sketcher, then delete the sketcher references in sketcher and apply the appropriate dimension scheme to contrain the sketch. Then you may delete the shared geometry.


open the part you want to copy.

start a new part, in the new part use feature>copy>frrom diff model.

Pick the part you want to copy from and then pick the first feature in the tree and then shift and the last feature. Do the done done yes yes or whatever else it asks to finish and voila. You get a copied group of all the features independant. Select the copied group in the tree right mouse and ungrroup.


New member
This may not be very good modeling practice, but here is an option. Start your feature making sure you don't use anything you intend to delete when defining the sketching plane. You can make a feature using any references from previous features in that sketch. Make it look they way you want to and hit OK. Then redefine the feature. Redefine the sketch then go to sketch-->references. Delete the references, add others if needed (like the default datum planes,) and finally add dimensions if needed. Hit OK and you have severed the parent-child relationship allowing you to delete the older, unwanted feature.

The downside here is the design intent is lost, because the referenced edge is no longer fixed and may changed during a redefine or modification of dimensions on that feature.


New member
Use the Copy Geometry feature: (straight from the help file)

1. Choose Feature > Create > Data Sharing > CopyGeom. The COPY GEOMETRY element definition dialog box opens.

2. Click an element, and then click Define. Then select references of the specified type.

All the elements are optional, but you must define at least one of the following reference elements to complete the Copy Geometry feature:

- Surface Refs


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